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U.S. Atlantic Coast Called “Hot Spot” For Sea Level Rise

The U. S. Geological Survey issued a press release today stating that sea level rise along a 600 mile stretch of the U.S. Atlantic coast Is at a pace three to four times that of other areas of the world. The press release states the published article in “Nature Climate Change” concludes that in the last 22 years: “…sea-level rise in the 600-mile stretch of coastal zone from Cape Hatteras N.C. to north of Boston, Mass. — coined a “hotspot” by scientists — has increased 2 – 3.7 millimeters per year; the global increase over the same period was 0.6 – 1.0 millimeter per year.”

The press release notes that “the increases in sea level rise rate that have already occurred in the hotspot will yield increases in sea level of 8 to 11.4 inches by 2100. This regional sea level increase would be in addition to components of global sea level rise.”

-Steven Silverberg

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