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UCLA Study Predicts Significant Warming in L.A. Region

In a study released this week, UCLA predicts significant warming in Los Angeles and the surrounding area by mid-century. The study “shows projected climate changes down to the neighborhood level…”

Among the study’s conclusions:

“Southern Californians should expect slightly warmer winters and springs but much warmer summers and falls, with more frequent heat waves. Temperatures now seen only on the seven hottest days of the year in each region will occur two to six times as often. The number of days when the temperature will climb above 95 degrees will increase two to four times, depending on the location. Those days will roughly double on the coast, triple in downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, and quadruple in Woodland Hills. In Palm Springs, the number of extremely hot days will increase from an annual average of 75 to roughly 120.”

Steven Silverberg

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