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Study Suggests Increased Storm Surge Dangers Resulting From Climate Change

A joint study by Princeton and MIT published in the journal Nature Climate Change suggests that, by the end of the century, 100 year flood events could come as often as every 3 to 20 years in New York City, as a result of increased storm surge caused by climate change. A summary of the study notes:

“The researchers found that the frequency of massive storm surges would go up in proportion to an increase in more violent storms and a rise in sea level, the researchers reported. They noted that climate models predict that the sea level around New York City could rise by 1.5 to nearly 5 feet by the end of the 21st century.”

One of the study’s co-authors Professor Michael Oppenheimer is quoted as stating

“As the world warms, risks will increase across a variety of fronts, and the threat to coastal infrastructure in the face of an already-rising sea level and potentially stronger hurricanes could be one of the most costly unless we are able to anticipate and reduce vulnerability.”

-Steven M. Silverberg

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