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Statment of the Purpose of This Blog

The attorneys at Silverberg Zalantis LLC believe that global warming and the resulting climate change will be one of, if not the most, important issue to confront us all for the balance of the 21st century. Climate change has and will continue to have social and economic impacts that will determine where we live, how we live and the conditions of everyday life. The laws, regulations and treaties that are implemented, or that we fail to implement, to address climate change issues over the next two decades will chart the political and economic course of this country and the rest of the world for the balance of the century.

As attorneys involved in environmental law and real estate development we know that laws and lawyers can play an important role in the events that shape our collective response to climate change. It is our goal to use this Blog to provide information to other lawyers and the general public about the legislative and regulatory responses to climate change issues developed throughout the country. The more information we have and can share, the more likely it is that we can collectively develop a response to the causes and effects of global warming that is timely and effective. We do not intend to Blog on any set schedule but rather to provide information as it becomes available.

We sincerely hope that the information we provide on this Blog will be useful to those who take the time to read it. If you become aware of any new initiatives that may be of interest to our readers please send an e-mail to

-Steven Silverberg and Katherine Zalantis

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