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Report On Impacts of Climate Change In New York

NYSERDA has issued a scientific report on the impacts of Climate Change in New York and strategies to address the inevitable changes taking place. In the summary report entitled Responding to Climate Change in New York State, as well as the technical report, it is made clear:

” Climate change is already beginning to affect the people and resources of New York State, and these impacts are projected to grow. At the same time, the state has the potential capacity to address many climate-related risks, thereby reducing negative impacts and taking advantage of possible opportunities.”

Significantly, the report notes that extreme weather events are already increasing and that once certain “tipping points” are crossed there will be dramatic changes. Breaking New York into regions, the report sets forth the predicted changes in temperature and precipitation over the coming decades and notes “[t]hese are neither best case nor worst case; actual changes could be lower if emissions are cut aggressively, or higher if the world continues on a business as usual course.”

The report goes on to discus measures to adapt to the affects of climate change, ranging from updating regulations to modifying construction standards for everything from barns to bridges, tunnels and power plants.

-Steven Silverberg

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