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New York Climate Smart Communities Program

New York has implemented a Climate Smart Communities program to help reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Website link describes this program as follows:

“Climate Smart Communities is an unprecedented partnership between New York State and local communities. Its goal is to lower greenhouse gases and save taxpayer dollars through climate smart actions that also promote community health and safety, affordability, economic strength and quality of life.”

The program has several key areas it asks communities which enroll in the Program to pursue:

“# Appoint a climate coordinator and galvanize community support.
# Identify sources of greenhouse gases in the community.
# Set goals for emission reduction and develop a climate action plan.
# Implement your plan. Most communities begin by reducing emissions from their own facilities and vehicles; some move at the same time to reduce emissions in the community at large….
# Encourage businesses, institutions and individuals to “go green” by demonstrating and explaining the savings from energy efficiency and low-carbon energy.”

-Steven Silverberg

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