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New Hampshire Climate Action Plan

The Governor of New Hampshire has issued a Climate Action Plan. The 82 page plan seeks to implement a program that will result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 90 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

The recommendations contained in the plan include:

“1. Maximize energy efficiency in buildings 2. Increase renewable and low-CO2-emitting sources of energy in a long-term sustainable manner.
3. Support regional and national actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
4. Reduce vehicle emissions through state actions.
5. Encourage appropriate land use patterns that enable fewer vehicle-miles traveled.
6. Reduce vehicle-miles traveled through an integrated multimodal transportation system.
7. Protect natural resources (land, water, wildlife) to maintain the amount of carbon fixed or sequestered.
8. Lead by example in government operations.
9. Plan for how to address existing and potential climate change impacts.
10. Develop an integrated education, outreach and workforce training program.”

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