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Copenhagen Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The city of Copenhagen has developed a comprehensive plan to address short and medium range impacts of Climate Change. From green roofs to streets that divert storm water the City has developed a comprehensive plan to address the impacts of global warming.

The plan lists some the key considerations in adaptation:

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS IN CLIMATE ADAPTATION MEASURES To achieve successful adaptation of the city to the climate of the future, it is important that we con- sider a number of key factors:
FLEXIBLE ADAPTATION It is pointless to plan in the very long term according to a particular scenario for future development in the climate. The City of Copenhagen will instead develop the city in relation to the main trends in the scenario and adapt the planning the whole time in relation to development in the recommenda- tions emanating from the IPCC.
SYNERGY WITH OTHER PLANNING Climate adaptation is closely linked to the long-term planning of urban development, the area of na- ture and the environment, wastewater, groundwater etc. Incorporating climate adaptation in those sectors that are affected by climate change is therefore of crucial significance in utilising the strategy achieved by joint thinking on the action taken. Climate adaptation can be transformed into an asset for the city and help to secure growth in Copenhagen.
HIGH TECHNICAL LEVEL Adapting the city to climate change is expensive. It is therefore important that the basis for decisions on investments and prioritisations is at a high technical level, so that wrong investments are not made. This situation applies to all types of analyses and studies, analyses of climatic threats, choices of solution models and economic analyses.
AN ATTRACTIVE, CLIMATE-ADAPTED CITY In Copenhagen we will focus on climate adaptation measures also representing an asset in them- selves, regardless of the extent of the expected climate change. In this connection we will work in particular on the use of blue and green elements in the urban space, which will make Copenhagen an even more attractive city.
CLIMATE ADAPTATION RESULTS IN GREEN GROWTH We have been working on climate adaptation in Copenhagen for many years. Our efforts have been focused on managing stormwater and the opportunities for recreational use and a better environment in Copenhagen’s areas of water. The results have required the development of new methods to retain and treat stormwater. The need for a climate-adapted city makes further de- mands on the development of strategies and methods for climate adaptation. Climate adaptation must therefore be part of the green growth strategy for Copenhagen by attracting both national and international projects and investors for the development and production of systems for cli- mate adaptation. The municipality will ensure that part of the investment in climate adaptation is recouped in the form of growth.

-Steven Silverberg

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