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City of New Rochelle Releases Proposed Green Sustainability Plan

New Rochelle New York has scheduled a hearing on its proposed “GreeNR” Sustainabilty Plan. The Plan, developed over the last year, proposes a series of short term, medium term and long term goals.

Among the highlights of the Plan are a series of goals for the year 2030 listed in a press release as:

“• Reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20%.
• Cut non-recycled solid waste generation by 15%.
• Preserve natural spaces and restore inland water bodies.
• Absorb or retain 25 million gallons of flood water per storm.
• Decrease sewage flow by at least 2 million gallons in peak hours.
• Build at least 95% of new housing near mass transit.
• Open at least one additional mile of the Sound shore to the public.
• Plant at least 10,000 new trees on public property.
• Create a comprehensive walking and bicycling system.
• Subscribe at least half of all households to the City website.”

-Steven Silverberg

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